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A curated list of resources that provide media licensed under Creative Commons licenses.


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A curated list of resources that provide media licensed under Creative Commons licenses.

Contributions are very welcome!


  • Audio Archive - Internet Archive's Audio Archive
  • Bandcamp - Creative Commons tag on Bandcamp
  • ccmixter - Loops and samples that are co-created into tracks.
  • free-loops - Loops and audio clips.
  • freesound - Collaborative database of sounds, mostly sound effects.
  • Free Music Archive - The Free Music Archive offers free downloads under Creative Commons and other licenses.
  • Incompetech - Royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod.
  • Jamendo - Musical albums. Requires login.
  • Tribe of Noise - Musical albums. Requires login.


  • AllTheFreeStock - curated list of free stock images, graphics and videos.
  • Altphotos - Handpicked free (CC0) high-resolution photos added daily.
  • Compfight - Searches Flickr for images suitable for blogs, comps, inspiration and research.
  • Creativity103 - Library of free abstract backgrounds, textures and design ideas.
  • Find A Photo - Search through thousands of free (CC0 licensed) stock photos.
  • GameIcons - SVG icons for board and video games.
  • Good Free Photos - Thousands of free public domain photos categorized by geographic location
  • ImageBase - Collection of free photos.
  • Morgue File - Photo collection with license to remix.
  • Open Font Library
    • CC-BY
    • CC-BY-SA - Open Fonts available under several open source licences
  • Photo Pin - Milions of photos for bloggers and creatives.
  • Photos8 - High quality stock photos.
  • Pixabay - Photos, cliparts and artwork on CC0 licence. Requires login.
  • The Noun Project - High quality icons and images. Requires login.
  • Unsplash - Library of high-resolution images.
  • WorldImages Kiosk - Library of 75,000 images that students can use in their academic projects.
  • Wylio - Image search engine with focus on bloggers. Requires login.


  • Mixkit - A gallery of high-quality videos and animation

Open Data

  • Geonames - The GeoNames geographical database covers all countries and contains over eight million placenames that are available for download free of charge.

Open Journals

  • DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
  • PLOS - Open access research articles

Open courseware

3d Printing


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A curated list of resources that provide media licensed under Creative Commons licenses.







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