Vim plugin for Livedown.
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A Vim plugin for Livedown.


First make sure you have node with npm installed.

If you have node do

$ npm install -g livedown

Then install this plugin with your preferred installation method. I recommend installing pathogen.vim, and then simply copy and paste

$ git clone git:// ~/.vim/bundle/vim-livedown


The following commands are available

" launch the Livedown server and preview your markdown file

" stop the Livedown server

" launch/kill the Livedown server

Bonus points for setting your own mapping

nmap gm :LivedownToggle<CR>


There are several configuration variables you can customize to suit your needs, with the following defaults.

" should markdown preview get shown automatically upon opening markdown buffer
let g:livedown_autorun = 0

" should the browser window pop-up upon previewing
let g:livedown_open = 1 

" the port on which Livedown server will run
let g:livedown_port = 1337

" the browser to use
let g:livedown_browser = "safari"