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Name: Greybird
Summary: Desktop Suite for Xfce.
Copyright 2009–2016 Simon Steinbeiß, Satyajit Sahoo, Pasi Lallinaho
Greybird is dual-licensed as GPLv2 or later and CC-BY-SA 3.0 or later.
Desktop Suite for Xfce.
Greybird is the default theme in Xubuntu 11.04 onwards.
The Greybird desktop suite includes:
– Gtk+2 theme
– Gtk+3 theme
– Xfwm4 themes (normal and compact)
– xfce-notifyd theme (dark and bright)
– Emerald theme
– Metacity theme
– Mutter theme
– Unity support
Dependencies for Gtk+2 support:
– gtk2-engines-pixbuf (>= 2.24)
– gtk2-engines-murrine (>= 0.90)
The Gtk+3 theme uses the builtin engine and consequently has no dependencies.
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