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A collection of example software from the Bot Thoughts Blog

  • DayClock - firmware for an LED matrix clock that shows Day-of-Week and Time
  • I2Cmaster - I2C Master for Parallax Propeller implemented to correctly use pull-down and recognize slave clock stretching
  • Propeller - Using a Propeller for a vintage LED bubble display
  • RPiTeleRover - web-based, tracked RaspberryPi Telepresence rover with cam and remote driving, includes sketchup drawings
  • RS232toTTL - is an RS232-to-TTL voltage level-shifting circuit
  • TBI Initial revision 2 years ago
  • TinySoftSerial - SoftwareSerial in C for ATtiny84A
  • TurntableStrobe - a 50Hz/60Hz strobe to calibrate your turntable's speed, both handheld and module versions
  • WebRinger - rings a bell whenever someone visits your website, using Raspberry Pi and Propeller.
  • ledeyes - ATtiny-based glowing, blinking LED eyes that you can add to your bushes at Halloween
  • sobriety - JavaFX hackathon
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