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This is the repository of electronics and software for Data Bus and Troubled Child, my autonomous ground vehicles.

  • Troubled Child is a 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer that took 1st place in the 2014 Sparkfun AVC.
  • Data Bus is a 1:10 scale RC car that took 3rd place in the 2012 Sparkfun AVC.

The repository contains source code, schematics, board layouts, and documentation. Mostly this is a catch-all for what I worked on in 2010-2014.

  • Current Software - updated versions of the mbed software that handles pose estimation, navigation, and path following
  • Software/ - older mbed software that handles pose estimation, navigation, path following
  • Documentation/ - various supporting documents
  • Hardware/ - various hardware used in building and calibrating
  • Electronics/ - catch-all of circuit/layout designs varying from experiment to tried and tossed

Some of the electronics are now products on and they have their own repositories, shown below.

Rover Products

  • RoverMux tried and true 3 channel R/C Multiplexer
  • RoverBaseboard - a baseboard making it easy to hook up servos and sensors to an mbed/LPCXpresso
  • RoverGyro - a breakout for low drift MAX21000 gyro (untested)
  • RoverPower - high current 5V power supply (untested)
  • RoverMeter - I2C-based current monitor (untested)
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