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2008-10-08 Version 0.9beta
- customisable names and relationships for roles, goals, visions and values
- lots of javascript interactivity for a fast, responsive system
- a command-line interface for Firefox Ubiquity
- visual mapping of the tree of an item, its children, its children's children ...
- tagging with plain text to allow you to create free associations between any items you choose
- user-friendly interface to change the options - no more editing of config.php!
- create a parent while creating an item
- very flexible recurrence patterns, using standard calendar formats; e.g. "Second Tuesday of the month", or "5th November every second year"
- actions can now have tickle dates WITHOUT needing to set a deadline
- Development team: Scott, Crisses, Andrew and many contributions from our users
2008-04-30 Version 0.8
- table prefixes, allowing more than one installation in a specific MySQL database
- an 'inbox' where items can be quickly created, for incorporation into actions and projects at a later time
- Quick find function to search all text fields for a specific string
- Tables can be sorted dynamically, by clicking on the column header
- Multiple parents for items
- projects can be parents of other projects
- dynamic javascript auto-suggest for parent-selector
- cleaned up xhtml and css: all pages now validate
- hierarchy of levels: values, visions, roles, goals, projects and actions
- improved security against MySQL injection
- API for external add-ons
- printable keyboard shortcuts list
- Many more updates, enhancements, and bugfixes...
- Development team: Serge, Scott, Crisses, Andrew and many contributions from our users
2006-09-30 Version 0.7
- Improved css (Josh Burnett)
- Theme Support (Josh Burnett)
- New Themes (Josh Burnett and Serge Rey)
- More Input Validation (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Calendar for date selector (Serge Rey)
- MySQL 5. and PhP 5. support (Serge Rey)
- Title option (Serge Rey)
- Horizontal drop down menus (Serge Rey)
- Previous and Next links on Project Reports (Serge Rey)
- Improved installation script (Serge Rey)
2006-06-11 Version 0.6
- Weekly review now has links (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Install script streamlined (Serge Rey)
- New database backend and php code redesign (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Any item can be freely converted between an action, waiting, or reference type (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Tickler file added- notes, projects, and items (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Repeating projects (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Added Time Context Creation (Serge Rey)
- Ablility to list items filtered by context and categories (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Ability to mark an action as the next action -- denoted as * on the report (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Added next action report (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Due dates matching today are colored green, past due dates colored red (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Context reports only shows next actions (not all actions) (Serge Rey)
- In-place (via hyperlink) editing of contexts and categories (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Can add/delete/modify space and time contexts (Scott Jason Korvek)
- New default categories, contexts, and project (Serge Rey)
- Tooltips/context-sensitive help (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Date header (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Formatted dates (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Adjusted table sorting and listed columns (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Adjusted page refresh times and targets (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Standardized appearance of forms (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Input sanitization and removal of error reporting to minimize hacking potential and enforce defaults (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Character escaping and text formatting (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Links to our wiki and frapper map (Serge Rey)
- Many more updates, enhancements, and bugfixes...
2006-03-18 Version 0.5
- Added repeating next actions (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Added Someday/Maybe list (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Added List (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Added CheckLists (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Added Categories (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Fixed project title reporting bug after project update (Serge Rey)
- Next Actions Deadline option (Scott Jason Korvek)
- Date selector (Serge Rey)
- Install (update) script (Serge Rey)
2006-02-04 Version 0.4
- Fixed IE layout bug (Mike Kober)
- Added Contexts summary table (Serge Rey)
2006-01-28 Version 0.3
- Fixed count of completed/non-completed nextActions (Serge Rey)
- Fixed plural useage on summary.php (Serge Rey)
- Fixed showing table headings when there are no NAs in project report (Serge Rey)
- Fixed showing table headings when there are no WOs in project report (Serge Rey)
- Fixed showing table headings when there are no Nas in context report (Serge Rey)
- Added delete checkbox on editNextAction form (Serge Rey)
- Added complete checkbox on editNextAction form (Serge Rey)
- Added complete checkbox on next actions report form (Serge Rey)
- Added complete checkbox on context report form (Serge Rey)
- Changed tarball and zip archive to include gtd directory (Thanks to Vicki Brown)
2006-01-21 Version 0.2
- css and layout redesign (Jason Brown)
- refresh on update and new nextActions (Serge Rey)
- meta links on side bar (Serge Rey)
2006-01-15 Version 0.1 (Windy)