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require_once '';
require '';
$_SESSION['prefix']=$config['prefix']; // TODO this bit needs revision for multi-user setups
if (!empty($_SESSION['debug']['notice']))
error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
Select the correct database library file:
the library file must define the following functions:
getDBVersion() - returns the name and version of the database software
getDBtables($db) - returns array of table names for the specified database
doQuery($query,$label) - run the query, and return the result:
(boolean FALSE) : indicates the query failed
(integer 0) : query affected no rows, and returned no rows - e.g. an empty(SELECT)
(integer >0) : the number of rows affected by an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE
(array) : SELECT was successful, and has returned a number-indexed array of records,
each record is an associative array of field names=>field values.
safeIntoDB($value,$key) - to make a value safe for database processing,
by escaping any control characters
getsql($querylabel,$values,$sort) - to return the sql query text,
for query with name: $querylabel
sqlparts($part,$values) - to return the sql query subclause text,
for the subclause with name: $querylabel
connectdb($config) - to open a connection to the database, and return the connector handle
switch ($config['dbtype']) {
case "mysql":
require_once '';
only mysql is supported, at present! - all of the others are here as placeholders for later development
case "frontbase":
require_once '';
case "msql":
require_once '';
case "mssql":
require '';
case "postgres":
require '';
case "sqlite":
require '';
die("Database type not configured. Please edit the file.");
//connect to database
$connection = connectdb($config);
unset($config['pass']); // don't let the database password leak out
require_once '';
global $onInstall;
if (empty($onInstall) &&
|| !array_key_exists('title',$_SESSION['config'])
) ) {
// if no options are in the session variable, and we're not in the installer, read options from db
// php closing tag has been omitted deliberately, to avoid unwanted blank lines being sent to the browser
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