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$title='GTD-PHP Version Information';
include_once '';
if (array_key_exists('addons',$_SESSION)) {
foreach ($_SESSION['addons'] as $key=>$val) if ($val===true) {
<table summary='version information'>
<tr><th>GTD-PHP revision</th>
<td><?php echo _GTD_REVISION; ?></td>
<tr><th>GTD-PHP version</th>
<td><?php echo _GTDPHP_VERSION; ?></td>
<tr><th>GTD-PHP database</th>
<td><?php echo array_pop(array_pop(query('getgtdphpversion'))); ?></td>
<tr><th>GTD-PHP theme</th>
<td><?php echo $_SESSION['theme']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo PHP_VERSION; ?></td>
<td><?php echo getDBVersion(); ?></td>
<?php if (count($addons)) { ?>
<tr><th colspan='2'>Addons</th></tr>
<?php foreach ($addons as $name=>$ver) { ?>
<tr><th><?php echo $name; ?></th>
<td><?php echo $ver; ?></td>
} ?>
<?php include_once ''; ?>
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