To do

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  • add npm package, also add a bin folder tool that will list, add and delete .conf and .sh files.
  • to build boot up list of programs to auto restart and lunch automatically, there will be like /etc/nodeservices.conf , but maybe a bad idea.
  • clean up everything – maybe does anybody wants to do that? but that might be not really necessary
  • to build a fool proof tested system to start multi process unix socket nodejs cluster node server and communicate inter process
    the child process will run as no-body or some-other-user.
    will be protected from 100% cpu.
    the child process handles everything but it can send a command to parent and parent will do something to all children or other something itself.
    for example: an http request to /restart that a one child handles it recognizes a shared command,
    passes it back to parent, parent handles the command.
    parent will ask all children to restart.
    the child process handles every thing for speed, parent commands probability asked only once in a while.
    creationix spark seems nice fit, but at first look seems not so simple too many files and options there.