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Welcome to the nodejs-mongodb-app wiki!

This framework now is under freeze. It turned to be good but a mess to develop with it a large website. (Also merged another git project in by mistake so I do not push until it gets resolved)

For now See my notes here in the Wiki and Contribute to Concept development for a new framework with lessons learned..

Philosophy for a framework, with practical examples:

random notes

  1. philosophy for a framework
  2. inter controller communication
  3. other ways to create controllers
  4. convention ideas
  5. wanted auto functionality
  6. templates
  7. database
  8. functional components
  9. routing
  10. framework surrounding
  11. Technology layers or Technology stacks You find it everywhere


  • how do you start using? see intro
  • how do you add pages to a website ? see controller

Actually this little thing is working very well.

for now you can see an example in:
"http://shimondoodkin.no.de/":http://shimondoodkin.no.de/ - not works anymore

It misses some futures like: 
* orm joins for mongodb,
* better organization of auto loading of pages,
* and standardization for dependency injection.
beside all those it is fully functional.

and it lucks organized documentation.

With all this it has many good futures, like :

* per controller(page) separation of request processing,
* automatic management of database file uploads.
* models for mongodb +automatic id reviving ,
* Don't Repeat Yourself principle almost everywhere.
* automatically generates back end,
* stable templates system.
* phpjs function integration (easy integration of any library),
* auto reloading of controllers without restart.

the source code of the example can be found at:
and copy the templates\website folder to you.
in http://github.com/nko/shimondoodkin / templates / website

the app starts when you bind a config file, in serving.js
in config.js  you define some models and database info.
in config in setup_last you define pages and can replace the default pages.

app_skeleton contains default_field variable and basic_model variable.

[[How to start development]]

What to do? see [[Roadmap]]

this project needs development
this project needs documentation
this project needs automated tests

I need something working done very quickly, i need it like in a week. so i focus on development.