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Welcome to the poMMo Configuration File! From here you setup your database and
other preferences.
IMPORTANT: This file must be named "config.php" and saved in the "root"
directory of your poMMo installation (where bootstrap.php is).
See config.simple.sample.php for a condensed, readable config file.
::: MySQL Database Information :::
[db_hostname] = "localhost"
The MySQL Server poMMo will connect to (usually localhost)
NOTE: Remote MySQL servers (e.g. can be used.
[db_username] = "brice"
The username poMMo will use to login to MySQL server
[db_password] = "1234"
The password poMMo will use to login to MySQL server
[db_database] = "pommo"
The name of the MySQL Database poMMo will use
[db_prefix] = "pommo_"
Change if you intend to have multiple poMMos running from the same database
::: Language Information :::
[lang] = en
Set this to your desired locale. Current languages available are;
bg - Bulgarian it - Italian
da - Danish nl - Dutch
de - German pl - Polish
en - English pt - Portuguese
en-uk - British pt-br - Brazilian Portuguese
es - Spanish ro - Romanian
fr - French ru - Russian
::: Optional Configuration :::
Below Options are intended for debugging or overriding
automatic configuration.
[debug] = off
Enable (on) or disable(off). Debug mode is useful for providing
information to developers
[verbosity] = 3
Set the logging verbosity level.
1: Debbuging mode - *EVERYTHING* is outputted.
2: Informational mode - *MOST EVERYTHING* is outputted
3: Quiet mode - *IMPORTANT THINGS* are outputted [default]
[date_format] = 1
Set the preferred date format for "date" type subscriber fields.
Available formats are;
1: YYYY/MM/DD (e.g. 1969/12/15) [default]
::: Overrides :::
Uncomment (remove the leading "**") to define the following settings.
NOTE: These settings are auto-detected by default, and best left unchanged.
** [baseURL] = "/mysite/newsletter/"
Set the Base URL (poMMo's path relative to the webserver) e.g.;
(poMMo location) (baseURL value) / /me/pommo/
NOTE: Include trailing slash
** [workDir] = "/path/to/pommoCache"
Set the "working" directory. poMMo writes files to this directory.
By default, it is set to the "cache" directory in the poMMo root.
For increased security move this directory to a location not reachable
via the web (e.g. /home/brice/work vs. /home/brice/public_html/work)
Make sure the webserver can write to this directory!
** [hostname] =
Set the webhost's server name
** [hostport] = 8080
Set the webhost's listening port [Usually 80, 443, or 8080]