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tcext - Quick Extension Creation Script for Tiny Core Linux
I wanted to make it easy to create extensions
So more people will be able to do it
Also I wanted that people will provide inside the extensions
A tutorial how to make an extension
This script makes your life simpler
Now you have time to Describe your work, Reread the extention info, and Make more extensions
I have developed an extension creation script
I hope I did not reinvented the wheel
Easy as sequance of commands:
tar -vxf cd downloaded_app_source.tar.gz
cd downloaded_app_source
tcext tools # loads extensions required to compile programs
tcext info #creates or edits file in current directory
tcext configure --option # same as ./configure --option
tcext make # same as #make but with cpu options
#put additional extension files in ./tcfiles, ex: tcfiles/etc/settings.conf.sample
#make an init script (to copy /etc/settings.conf.sample to /etc/settings.conf):
tcext script # to edit/create the init script
tcext install # same as #make install
#at this point you can see the result tcz in ./tcout
#additionally you can use load / unload / reload to test your work
tcext load # copies the tcz to tce/optional and loads it
Basicaly you are done!
#also you can do
tcext unload # tries to unload the extention
# when you develop your extension, and you need to modify a file in ./tcfiles, you can do:
tcext reload # re-copies ./tcfiles , makes package, unloads, loads
#now you can try your extension again ;)
#before publishing make sure to run info again
tcext info #creates or edits file in current directory
#and redo all the installs: tcext install ,tcext installdocs, tcext installdev
to download you need curl extension
tce-load -wi curl.tcz
put tcext file in ~/.local/bin/tcext
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin/
curl --insecure -o /home/tc/.local/bin/tcext
make it executible
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/tcext
development-note: clone the repository and make a link to tcext in repo instead of putting a file there
to develop this project you need an account in github, then you can open a file and click "Fork and edit this file", and send pull request
Lisence: MIT/GPL
Written by Shimon Doodkin
You here - fork and modify