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Template Observer. Enables self reloading templates on modification. Can work with many template engines.

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# Template Observer

This thing enables you to have self-reloading or 'managed' templates.

It watches for change in a template file, and then it executes the load 
method of the template on that file again.

it does like a proxy action for the privetly saved template function.
when the template regenerated it replaceces the privet function.
and no referenced are required to be updated in the running program

in the load method of the template observer.
you encapsulate generation and parsing of the template and return
the function of a the template

a usual temlpate engine is a program that reads a file, parses it by its own way and returns a 
javascript function, to be called as a temlplate. 

to see an example see test.js

By Shimon Doodkin

feel free to copy this idea and code into your temlpate engines.
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