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Example AEM Hello World custom image provisioner
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AEM Hello World Custom Image Provisioner

This is an example AEM Hello World Custom Image Provisioner artifact that will be set up as one of Packer AEM customisation points.

This artifact contains:

  • shell script which will be executed before component image provisioning
  • shell script which will be executed after component image provisioning
  • Example Puppet module manifests in modules/aem_helloworld directory
  • Example InSpec tests which will check the result of the above Puppet module, the binary is available at /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/bin/inspec

Here's an example log output of the post step:

The use of Puppet and InSpec here is just an example. You can use other tools like Ansible, or even plain shell script if need be. They can be installed either in the shell scripts or in Packer AEM source image.


To create artifact tar.gz file:

make package

The artifact will be written at stage/aem-helloworld-custom-image-provisioner-<version>.tar.gz

Copy the tar.gz artifact file to Packer AEM, please note that the file must be (re)named to aem-custom-image-provisioner.tar.gz:

cp stage/aem-helloworld-custom-image-provisioner-<version>.tar.gz <path/to/packer-aem>/stage/custom/aem-custom-image-provisioner.tar.gz

If you are using Puppet, the following global facts are available:

Fact Description
::component The component name, useful for identifying which image is being provisioned.
::custom_stage_run_info A user defined string for passing additional provisioning run information. User can inject this value by specifying environment variable CUSTOM_STAGE_RUN_INFO when executing Packer AEM build.

If you need more information from the provisioning process, you can tap into the Hiera data by adding -hiera_config='/tmp/packer-puppet-masterless/hiera.yaml flag to your Puppet apply call.

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