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CodeBuild and CodePipeline setup for AEM OpenCloud integration testing
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Build Status

AEM Platform CI

Ansible playbooks for provisioning AWS CodeBuild build projects and CodePipeline pipelines.

This setup is used for running various internal AEM OpenCloud integration tests against real AEM instances. All public CI builds are available from Travis CI.


  • Either clone AEM Platform CI git clone or download one of the released versions

  • Install the following required tools:

    Alternatively, you can use AEM Platform BuildEnv Docker container to run AEM Platform CI build targets.

  • Resolve the Python packages dependencies by running make deps


  • Set up the required AWS resources
  • Create configuration file
  • Create the build projects and pipelines: make create-packer-aem create-aem-aws-stack-builder config_path=<path/to/config/dir>
  • Delete the build projects and pipelines: make delete-packer-aem delete-aem-aws-stack-builder config_path=<path/to/config/dir>
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