AEM infrastructure test suite covering acceptance, recovery, security guideline testing scenarios
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AEM Test Suite

AEM Test Suite is a work in progress and it's designed to be a suite of acceptance, security, performance, and recovery tests. The idea is you can run this test suite (or parts of it) against an AEM environment, as a mechanism to validate the status of that environment.

Security tests are executed using InSpec AEM Security profile. It covers the guideline described in AEM security checklist.


  • Clone Packer AEM git clone
  • Install PhantomJS
  • Run make deps to install dependencies


Configure the details of AEM Author, Publish, and Dispatcher in aem/conf.yaml file.


Run the acceptance test:

make acceptance-full-set stack_prefix=<stack_prefix> config_path=<path/to/config/dir>

Run the security test:

make test-security config_path=<path/to/config/dir>

Run the readiness test:

make test-readiness-full-set stack_prefix=<stack_prefix> config_path=<path/to/config/dir>

Run the recovery test:

make test-recovery-full-set stack_prefix=<stack_prefix> config_path=<path/to/config/dir>