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Customisation Points

Since every user has a unique standard operating environment and security requirements, Packer AEM provides three customisation points where user can provision any specific setup.

Source Image

Common software and settings need to be provisioned in a source image, which will then be used as the base image of all components.

For example, if you need to install additional software such as Splunk Universal Forwarder on all components, then it should be provisioned in the source image.

For AWS, the source AMI ID can be configured in aws.source_ami.

For Docker, the source Docker image name can be configured in docker.source.


You can set up a number of configuration properties to suit your requirements. Have a look at the user config examples for reference on what configuration values you need to set for various AEM versions, various OS types, and various platforms.

This allows you to create a number of configuration profiles. For example, if your team is primarily using AEM 6.3 on RHEL 7 but there is also an effort to upgrade to AEM 6.4 happening in parallel, then you need two configuration profiles, one for AEM 6.3 RHEL 7, the other one is AEM 6.4 RHEL 7.

Custom Image Provisioner

For component-specific software and settings, they can be provisioned using Custom Image Provisioner, which provides a pre step to be executed before provisioning the component itself, and a post step to be executed after.

For example, if you need to set up component-specific configuration for the Splunk Universal Forwarder example further above, then these configurations need to be bundled within the Custom Image Provisioner artifact and the set up steps could be executed in either the pre or post step.

In order to use Custom Image Provisioner, you need to:

  1. Set the configuration property aem.enable_custom_image_provisioner to true
  2. Place the artifact at stage/custom/aem-custom-image-provisioner.tar.gz
  3. Optionally, if you want to pass in additional runtime info to the provisioner, you can pass an environment variable to the build command CUSTOM_STAGE_RUN_INFO="Build 123 using Custom Image Provisioner 456" make aws-java config_path=<path/to/config/dir>". This info is accessible as a global Facter fact ::custom_stage_run_info.

To get an idea how this artifact should be structured, please have a look at the example repository AEM Hello World Custom Image Provisioner.

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