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= rubypodder - A podcast aggregator without an interface

This package contains rubypodder, a simple podcast receiver
inspired by bashpodder (

== Homepage

== Installation

rubypodder can be downloaded and installed with:
   gem install rubypodder

== Quick Start

When it finishes, you should see a ~/.rubypodder directory.
This should contain an example rp.conf configuration file with a feed in
it to get you started. If there were any podcasts to download in the feed
they will be in a directory named after the date (e.g. 2007-01-20).
You can see what happened by looking in rp.log.

== Running the rubypodder Test Suite

If you wish to run the unit tests that come with rubypodder:
   gem check rubypodder --test
A message will be given if any of the tests fail.

=== Uninstallation

To uninstall the rubypodder gem use:
   gem uninstall rubypodder

== Configuration

Create a file 
containing podcast feeds, one per line.

== Usage


and if there are any podcast episodes from your feeds that have not yet
been downloaded, they will be downloaded into a "date" directory such as

A good idea is to use +crontab -e+ and add a line like
   0 5 * * * rubypodder
which will set up a cron job which will do this regularly.

== License

rubypodder is available under an MIT-style license.

:include: MIT-LICENSE

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