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D3 visualization of correspondence, with letters arranged on a horizontal timeline, with links, and handling of undated items.

The idea is to present a series of letters as markers along a scrollable horizontal timeline, with links indicating when one letter answers another. Letters with precise dates are place in fixed positions, and undated letters have their position determined by their links. If they have no links, they float to the top.

All letters must have a date, which is used for positioning.

In the example, the colour of the circle indicates the author of the letter. The border of the circle is black if the letter is dated and red if it isn't. The arrow links point from a letter to its answer.

See the tick(e) function to see how the positioning works: gravity is turned off, and non-fixed nodes are pulled left, right or up based on their "type" property. Nodes have a slight charge to repel each other, just enough to keep them from overlapping.


A tool that trys to make condensed summery for Bugzilla bugs






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