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A new frontend UI for MozTrap that levarages on its REST API

Use this production site(only tested on Firefox) directly, or host on your own.


  • bower (npm install -g bower if you have Node.js and npm)


  • git clone this repo.
  • Run bower install to install 3rd party dependencies. ( A bower_components folder should be created.)
  • If you need the diff function, run git submodule init; git submodule update;.
  • Open the index.html in the browser.
  • Summary:
git clone
cd moztrap-new-ui/
bower install
git submodule init; git submodule update;
firefox index.html &


  • Unit test: open test/unit/unittest.html in the browser
  • Functional test: run test/functional/ (Python + Selenium required)
    • Run pip install selenium


Related Projects

  • MozTrap - The upstream project. The MozTrap test case management system.
  • MozTrap API Tester - Help you test and explore MozTrap's REST API
  • MozTrap CLI - A MozTrap commandline interface for editing test cases offline.
  • MozTrapHelper - An addon to workaround old MozTrap's performance issue. We might levarage this to combine the old and new UI.


We are migrating our backlog from Trello to GitHub. Simply submit bugs or feature requests using the GitHub "issues" to the right side of the page.

The feature requests are in this Trello board, ask for access right. Everyone is welcome to pick a bug/feature and work on it.