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caddy - a testing/squeezing/submission helper tool for golfers

* setup

Add alias to your .bashrc or something:

 alias caddy='ruby ~/src/gtester/caddy.rb'

Run caddy update:

 % caddy update

This command downloads the problem information in
Please run this command again if another challenge is added in Note that you will be asked your name for submission
if this is the first run.

If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can install language environments by

 % caddy install_apt

* basic usage

For example, suppose you have a solution of delete words
( as "delword.rb". You should
specify the file name as commandline argument:

 % caddy delword.rb

Then you may see

 delword corresponds to
  0: none of below
  1: delete words (4166)
  2: hello world (4545)
  3: Ring world (6000)
  4: Factorial (7777)
  5: odd lines (7777)
 Input 0-5 [1] ? :

In this case, this program guesses the name of problem correctly. Just
type return. you will see local testing and squeezing.

 Loading testcases of 'delete words'
 Test #1... OK
 Test #2... OK
 Test #3... OK
 Running squeezer... 669 => 80
 #!ruby -pa
 gets(c=" "*-~~b=/.$/).map{sub$F[0],c;gsub(/.+/){scan(b)-[gsub b,""]}}
 Test #1... OK
 Test #2... OK
 Test #3... OK
 Submit this 80B code as shinh (Y/n) ? :

Here, you are asked if you want to submit this code to the golf
server. After you type return again, you will see

 Submitting... Success!

That's all of the basic usage.

* tell the name of challenge explicitly

I had the solution of "sort characters" challenge as "csort.rb".

 % caddy csort.rb
 csort corresponds to
  0: none of below
  1: Factorial (6666)
  2: Card Sharp (7000)
  3: Circle Art (7000)
  4: Timeout (7142)
  5: factoriazation (7142)
 Input 0-5 [1] ? :

Now, the system couldn't guess the challenge name correctly. You
should tell the name of problem to caddy as follows:

 % caddy csort.rb ''

Once the system learn the correct relation, you should not specify the
URL explicitly.

* configuration

You have your configuration in $HOME/.golf/config.rb. Maybe you see
how to modify this file easily.

caddy has some command line flags. Please check these option by
invoking the program with no arguments:

 % caddy

* add/modify squeezer

Squeezer removes comments and unnecessary white spaces. For example,
the following ruby code

 # FizzBuzz
   puts ["Fizz#{s=[:Buzz][n%5]}"][n%3]||s||n

is squeezed into

 1.upto(?d){|n|puts ["Fizz#{s=[:Buzz][n%5]}"][n%3]||s||n}

With squeezer, you can write relatively readable code for golfing. Now
we don't have squeezers for all languages. You can add/modify the
squeezing algorithm. Please check squeeze.rb and squeezer/* for
detail. If you write nice squeezer for your favorite language, please
send me the code, and I'll add the squeezer into the package.

* add your own testcases

If you prepare testcases file, caddy can be used for other golf
challenges (e.g. Suppose you have the solution
of "99 bottles of beer" ( as
"bottle.rb". In this case, caddy checks if there is a file
"bottle.test" in the current directory. If it exists, caddy extracts
testcases from the file. Please check sample/* for the format of the
testcase file.

There is another format of testcases. If there are files named
test/bottle*.output and test/bottle*.input (*.input is optional),
caddy extracts testcases from these files. The sample if in cg/*.
And, if you use the same naming convention as mine, you can use cg/*
to test your solutions for Note that the files under cg/
are incomplete.

* modify executors

You can change how to execute source code by modifying files under
executors. For example, if the name of your ruby executable is
not "ruby" but "ruby1.8", you can modify executors/rb as follows:

 exec ruby1.8 $1

* uninstall

Remove ~/.golf.

* todos

- add better test cases for
- add submitter for
- add more squeezers
- check if caddy works on cygwin
- remember other todos.

* thanks

caddy uses net/http/multipart:

* licence

GPLv2 or later.

* change log

- add -s1 and -s2 and -i option. (apparently, i must rename flags)
- change name of files stored in ~/.golf/code. (thanks for irori)
- initial release

  shinichiro.hamaji _at_


a testing/squeezing/submission helper tool for golfers







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