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Define some *_l functions, as new clang uses this

Currently, we just call the version which uses global locale
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commit fca4318d30df26df87da15d1f79372762721f7ae 1 parent 49c5ccc
Shinichiro Hamaji authored
Showing with 12 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +12 −0 libmac/mac.c
12 libmac/mac.c
@@ -266,6 +266,18 @@ int __maskrune(__darwin_ct_rune_t _c, unsigned long _f) {
return _DefaultRuneLocale.__runetype[_c & 0xff] & _f;
+int __maskrune_l(__darwin_ct_rune_t _c, unsigned long _f, void* l) {
+ return __maskrune(_c, _f);
+size_t mbstowcs_l(wchar_t* pwcs, const char* s, size_t n, void* l) {
+ return mbstowcs(pwcs, s, n);
+size_t wcswidth_l(wchar_t* pwcs, size_t n, void* l) {
+ return wcswidth(pwcs, n);
void libiconv_set_relocation_prefix(const char* orig, const char* curr) {
// TODO: What should we do?

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