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Service server powered by Django - Nginx - PostgreSQL - Linux - Docker
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Nextop Console

Nextop Console Data Anaylsis Assistant Web App

(powered by AngularJS - Django - Nginx - PostgreSQL - Linux - Docker)

Youtube Link : 시연영상보러가기(click)

Stack Information


  • angularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • googlechart


  • nginx
  • Django
  • celery


  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • Azure Docker Machine

3 docker virtual macines

I run theee docker virtual machines, which is for 1.django, 2.nginx web server, 3.postgresql Database .

I manage three containers(virtual machines) by docker compose.

about docker... go to here

about docker-compose... go to here

Directory structure

Main Dir 1 : ./django-image

django custom docker image build files for django docker container.


The connected volumes which have the same files for each three containers.


files for nginx server configuration


files for django web app logic


uploaded by users


javascript and css

Main Dir 2 : ./docker-compose.yml & ./docker-compose-distrib.yml

docked-compose configuration file for each development and deployment.

Main Dir 3 : ./

bash file for automation of distributing server to azure web service.

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