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As I joined Solid Angle, I won't add new features. I will only fix critical bugs for the current users.


A Simple Production Renderer

To give a shot:

  1. Install Visual C++ Redistributable
  2. Double click "tutorialxx.exe" in the "bin" folder

To create your app:

  1. Install Visual Studio Community
  2. Select "Release" and "x64" in Configuration Manager to build your application


  • Extremely simple APIs
  • Small memory footprint
  • Reasonably fast Benchmark Benchmark
  • Integrators:
    • Unidirectional path tracing with MIS for outdoor scenes
    • Progressive final gathering for interior scenes
    • Photon mapping for SDS paths
  • Primitives: particle / cylinder (with runtime tessellation) / triangle / tetragon / cube (for voxel art) Primitives
  • OBVH with refitting / treelet reordering / child node sorting for fast occlusion test
  • Multi-level instancing (40559990463 triangles in the image below) Multi-level instancing Multi-level instancing
  • Deformation blur with consistent motion
  • Light sources: point / parallel / geometry / sky
  • Per light AOVs Per light AOVs Per light AOVs
  • AOVs (Per vertex user data can be easily obtained) AOVs
  • Uber shader (The parameters are automatically interpreted as those of d'Eon's model when applied to hair strands) Materials(Uber shader)
  • Brute-force SSS Materials(Brute-force SSS)
  • Three-dimensional procedural shaders using Voronoi cells Materials(Brute-force SSS)
  • Redqueen does not use Embree


  • Compact - reduce memory consumption
  • Simple - so that people can use without manual
  • Fast - make best use of the instruction sets of modern CPUs
  • Robust - never crashes
  • Free - targeting at individuals and small studios


Technical Report