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Shinken Web User Interface

Important information

As you may have noticed, the activity on the Shinken framework is very low since several months :/ Because of these, I do not want to invest more effort for releasing new Web UI versions. I had to take this decision because, for my own needs, I decided to migrate to another monitoring framework.

As of today, I realize that I do not have enough time to maintain the Shinken WebUI with an aceceptable quality. Hence, I prefer to abandon the maintenance of this project. I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to you.

Please note that the screen captures used to illustrate some pages are not up to date with the most recent version!

Shinken provides a self sufficient Web User Interface, which includes its own web server (No need to setup any other Web server). The WebUI is built with the most recent Javascript Bootstrap 3 library as to deliver a user interface compatible with a wide range of Web browsers.

It has been tested successfully with the last Shinken framework versions. As of today, it has been tested with Shinken 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 versions.


The Shinken WebUI is started at the same time as the Shinken broker. It is configured by setting a few basic parameters in several modules.

WebUI is built upon a main application and it uses several modules to delegate some actions:

  • authentication modules, used to authenticate users that log in
  • storing modules, used to make parameters persistent
  • graphing modules, used to display graphs built from metrics
  • logs module, used to make available hosts/services activity
  • availability module, used to compute hosts availability

The new WebUI embeds its own modules for authentication, storage, logs and availability, whereas simplifying installation and configuration.