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From the shinken.IO

The easiest solution to set up the Shinken WebUI is to use the CLI shinken install which will install from Shinken.IO.

  • Install the WebUI
# Log in with your shinken user account ...
$ su - shinken

# Install package ...
$ shinken install webui2

Note that the package is webui2! This to avoid conflicting with a previous installation of the WebUI.

  • Install python dependencies

Then you also need to install some python dependencies using pip (depending on your distribution, you could also install theses packages from your distribution repositories):

$ sudo pip install pymongo>=3.0.3 requests arrow bottle==0.12.8

The packages required are listed in the requirements.txt file.

  • Install mongodb

By the time, mongodb is also mandatory. If you did not yet installed mongodb, please install it:

$ sudo apt-get install mongodb
  • And declare it into the modules of the broker configuration :
$ cat /etc/shinken/brokers/broker-master.cfg
modules     webui2
  • Restart Shinken
$ sudo service shinken restart

The configuration file (webui2.cfg) is located in the etc/shinken/modules directory and is self explanatory. You can look at the configuration documentation for more informations.

Despite the WebUI is fully operational out of the box, you may want to look how to enable modules like authentication, preferences, graphs and even logs & availability.

Updating from previous installation

Note: do not forget to save your webui2.cfg configuration file before installing the new version!

# Log in with your shinken user account ...
$ su - shinken

# Save previous configuration ...
$ cp /etc/shinken/modules/webui2.cfg /etc/shinken/modules/webui2.bak

# Install update package ...
$ shinken install webui2

# Restore previous configuration ...
$ cp /etc/shinken/modules/webui2.bak /etc/shinken/modules/webui2.cfg

Expert install: from the Github repository

Assuming you already installed from Shinken.IO, you simply need to replace the content of your modules/webui directory with the content of the module directory from the github repository.

[Get a release from the project repo]
$ wget
$ tar -xvf branch.tar.gz

[Stop Shinken]
$ sudo service shinken stop

[Update application]
$ sudo rm -R /var/lib/shinken/modules/webui2/.
$ sudo cp -R mod-webui-branch/* /var/lib/shinken/modules/webui2/.

[Start Shinken]
$ sudo service shinken start

Your configuration file is located in the etc/modules/webui2.cfg and it will not be affected by the previous copy.

Your installation directories (etc, modules) are located in the .shinken.ini file of your home directory.