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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2012:
# Gabes Jean,
import os
import sys
import time
import pymongo
import hashlib
import uuid
import ConfigParser
import json
import shutil
from pprint import pprint
def pack_boy(user, stats):
return stats.get('nb_packages', 0) > 1
def pack_man(user, stats):
return stats.get('nb_packages', 0) > 10
def pack_crafter(user, stats):
return stats.get('nb_packages', 0) > 30
def warchief(user, stats):
return user['_id'] == 'naparuba'
def community_dev(user, stats):
return stats.get('org_contribs', 0) > 1
def core_dev(user, stats):
return stats.get('core_contribs', 0) > 25
def wood_commiter(user, stats):
return (stats.get('core_contribs', 0) + stats.get('org_contribs', 0)) > 10
def stone_commiter(user, stats):
return (stats.get('core_contribs', 0) + stats.get('org_contribs', 0)) > 50
def iron_commiter(user, stats):
return (stats.get('core_contribs', 0) + stats.get('org_contribs', 0)) > 400
def diamond_commiter(user, stats):
return (stats.get('core_contribs', 0) + stats.get('org_contribs', 0)) > 1000
def doc_writer(user, stats):
return stats.get('wiki_account', False)
def first_packages_runners(user, stats):
return user['_id'] in ('frescha','dessaiimrane', 'seb-solon')
def first_packages_winner(user, stats):
return user['_id'] == 'dessaiimrane'
ACHIEVEMENTS = {'pack-boy': {'f':pack_boy, 'xp':50},
'pack-man': {'f':pack_man, 'xp':500},
'pack-crafter' : {'f':pack_crafter, 'xp':1000},
'warchief' : {'f':warchief, 'xp':500},
'community-dev' : {'f':community_dev, 'xp':50},
'core-dev' : {'f':core_dev, 'xp':200},
'wood-commiter' : {'f':wood_commiter, 'xp':50},
'stone-commiter' : {'f':wood_commiter, 'xp':250},
'iron-commiter' : {'f':iron_commiter, 'xp':500},
'diamond-commiter' : {'f':diamond_commiter, 'xp':1000},
'doc-writer' : {'f':doc_writer, 'xp':50},
'first-packages-runners' : {'f':first_packages_runners, 'xp':50},
'first-packages-winner' : {'f':first_packages_winner, 'xp':100},
class Achivementer():
def __init__(self, cfg_path):
self.conf = ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser() = self.conf.get('http', 'data')
self.data_in ='/in'
self.data_tmp ='/tmp'
self.data_packages ='/packages'
self.data_users ='/users'
def open_database(self):
self.con = pymongo.Connection('localhost')
print "Shinken.IO Connected to:", self.con
self.db = self.con.shinken_io
self.users = self.db.users
self.packages = self.db.packages
self.modules = self.db.modules
def get_user_stats(self, uid):
p = os.path.join(self.data_users, uid, 'stats.json')
if os.path.exists(p):
f = open(p)
buf =
return json.loads(buf)
return {}
def run(self):
print "Starting to compute the achievements"
for user in self.users.find({'achievements_enabled':True}):
user_id = user['_id']
print user
achievements = set(user.get('achievements'))
xp = user.get('xp')
nb_ach = len(achievements)
print "Computing stats for", user_id, "that got previously", achievements, "and", xp, "XP"
stats = self.get_user_stats(user_id)
print "*********%s" % user_id , stats
for (k,v) in ACHIEVEMENTS.iteritems():
f = v['f']
if k not in achievements:
print "LOOKING FOR", k, "for", user_id
b = f(user, stats)
if b:
print "GOT IT!", k
xp += v['xp']
achievements = list(achievements)
print "Computed achievements", achievements
print "AND XP", xp
if len(achievements) != nb_ach:
user['xp'] = xp
user['achievements'] = achievements
self.users.update({'_id':user_id}, user)
#self.save_user_stats(user_id, stats)
def get_user(self, user_name):
return self.users.find_one({'_id' : user_name})
def get_pack(self, pname):
return self.packages.find_one({'_id' : pname})
if __name__ == '__main__':
s = Achivementer('/opt/')
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