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Version 2.2
What's new:
* Support for the new powerful jumbo attack modes : markov, prince, mask and loopback to
help you get better cracking results.
* Support for opening many new password file formats. You can now convert to john format and
open them in Johnny with our built-in *2john support.
* Export the password table view to CSV and colon separated password format.
* Validate JtR path and show JtR version.
* Various bug fixes
Version 2.1
What's new:
* Ability to select/deselect individual hashes from being handled in a cracking
* Search and Filter the Passwords table. All columns are searched against,
unless otherwise specified
* Identify which hash format JtR will attack by default for a new session and
select and display it in the UI
* Add field to specify rules for wordlist mode; jumbo only
* Visually indicate NULL/EMPTY passwords and cracked hashes in the Passwords table
* Added about Johnny widget; conforming to the OS X design guidelines
What's changed:
* App settings are now auto saved
* Greatly improved how attack session options are being stored
* General UI and usability improvements
* Changed the default app icon; also OS X app bundle has an icon now
* Updated a few other action icons
* Various bug fixes
Version 2.0
Faster, leaner and better looking.
Johnny got a reboot after more than 3 years of inactivity. It has been refactored
from the ground up for better cross platform compatibility, multithreaded operation,
upgraded looks, improved usability and extended JtR functionality coverage.
Contributions from Mathieu Laprise as a student coder for GSoC 2015 with mentoring
from Shinnok and Aleksey.
What's new:
* Fork and OpenMP attack preferences added
* Manual password guessing via the Guess button
* Hash type suggestion in the Passwords table
* Session history and proper session attack preferences persistence
* Ability to set environment variables for each session
* The application is more efficient and uses proper threading for seamless operation
* Proper translation support; with French translation added
Previous to 2.0 we didn't maintain a proper CHANGELOG.
Version 1.1
Aleksey Cherepanov picked up development part of GSoC 2012, implementing the
basic core functionality.
Version 1.0
Original design and concept by Shinnok; as a potential project for GSoC 2011.