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Repo containing the sample projects associated with the iOS7 Day-by-Day blog series
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Sam Davies
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00-uikit-dynamics Adds the license header to each of the source files Sep 18, 2013
01-nsurlsession Replace images with CreativeCommons images from flickr Sep 20, 2013
02-asset-catalog Adds the license header to the source files Sep 18, 2013
03-background-fetch Adds license text to source files Sep 18, 2013
04-avspeechsynthesizer Adds the license copy to the header of the source files. Sep 18, 2013
05-uidynamics-collectionview Fix some writeup inconsistencies Sep 26, 2013
06-tintcolor Missing a code indent Sep 25, 2013
07-snapshot Adds correct license headers to code files Sep 30, 2013
08-safariservices Adds the article writeup for SafariServices Jul 19, 2013
09-uniqueidentifier Adds a screenshot to the writeup Sep 25, 2013
10-custom-vc-transitions Adds screenshots showing fade process Sep 25, 2013
11-uiview-keyframe-animation Resized the graph Oct 3, 2013
12-dynamic-type Updates the license in the source headers Oct 7, 2013
14-interactive-vc-transitions Updates source files with correct license header Oct 5, 2013
15-core-image-filters Corrects the orientation of the generated QR code Oct 16, 2013
16-qr-codes-avfoundation Completes post writeup, including images Oct 9, 2013
17-ibeacons Adds write-up for iBeacons Oct 13, 2013
18-coreimage-features Adds writeup and images for face detectors. Oct 13, 2013
19-uitableview-rowheight-estimation Completes writeup of tableview height estimation Oct 14, 2013
20-uiviewcontroller-edges Completed writeup on uiviewcontroller edges Oct 16, 2013
21-multi-column-textkit Completes multi-column textkit writeup Oct 16, 2013
22-downloadable-fonts Fix a couple of typos Oct 21, 2013
23-multipeer-connectivity Added images and completed writeup Oct 21, 2013
.gitignore Initial commit Jun 28, 2013 Added missing line breaks to readme Sep 25, 2013
license Create license Sep 18, 2013


This repo contains the sample projects which accompany a blog series which takes a look at some of the new features available to developers in iOS7. The blog series is available here:

If you have any suggestions / ideas / comments please feel free to catch me on twitter at @iwantmyrealname, and do fork the repo and have a play around with the code!


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