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Apple delivered iOS 9 to the developer world at WWDC in June 2015, before launching it to the public in September. The iOS 9 SDK introduced some big changes to the user, such as iPad multitasking and search and Siri enhancements. The majority of the new features were focused on optimization and performance enhancements. A large number of new APIs were introduced, and iOS9 Day-by-Day is a review of the most important of these.

The motivation behind this is that busy developers don't have time to trawl the WWDC videos and Apple documentation. Instead, they'd like to get a high-level summary of the new possibilities, alongside some working sample code. This is exactly what iOS9 Day-by-Day provides.

This repository contains all the source code associated with each of the articles, allowing you to see each of the new technologies in action.

##Blog Series

iOS9 Day-by-Day is a blog series which dives into all the new features available for developers in iOS 9. You can read more about it and find an index of the currently published posts here at

The blog posts typically have a project which demonstrates the functionality in-action, rather than just being a purely theoretical overview of the technology.

If you have any comments or suggestions for future posts, please feel free contact me @christhegrant, and feel free to fork the repo and have a play around with the code!

Thanks! Chris

@christhegrant @shinobicontrols

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