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nouveau patch error #11

sjbalaji opened this Issue · 11 comments

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sjbalaji Kaibo Wang Shinpei Kato

I am not able to apply the patch provided in the gdev/mod/patches to linux-2.6. So I manually patched linux-3.5.0 with the given nouveau patch. When I insert the gdev module I get module insertion error.

[ 1069.980332] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_write32
[ 1069.980338] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_write32 (err -22)
[ 1069.980370] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_getaddr
[ 1069.980372] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getaddr (err -22)
[ 1069.980385] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_bo_bind
[ 1069.980387] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_bind (err -22)
[ 1069.980390] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_read32
[ 1069.980392] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_read32 (err -22)
[ 1069.980402] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_read
[ 1069.980404] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_read (err -22)
[ 1069.980407] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_bo_map
[ 1069.980409] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_map (err -22)
[ 1069.980422] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_getparam
[ 1069.980424] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getparam (err -22)
[ 1069.980431] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_vspace_alloc
[ 1069.980433] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_vspace_alloc (err -22)
[ 1069.980447] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_bo_alloc
[ 1069.980448] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_alloc (err -22)
[ 1069.980454] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_write
[ 1069.980456] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_write (err -22)
[ 1069.980460] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_chan_alloc
[ 1069.980462] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_chan_alloc (err -22)
[ 1069.980465] gdev: disagrees about version of symbol gdev_drv_getdrm
[ 1069.980467] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getdrm (err -22)

Any ideas where am I going wrong.


Kaibo Wang

The 3.5.0 patch has not been well tested. For this moment, please use Linux 3.3.0 kernel and mod/nouveau-3.3.0


I get the patch application error when I try with linux-3.3

root@WhiteRose:~/Downloads/linux-3.3.3# patch -p0 < /root/gdev/mod/patches/gdev-nouveau-3.3.0.patch
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/Makefile
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/gdev_interface.c
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/gdev_interface.h
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_channel.c
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_drv.c
Hunk #1 succeeded at 456 (offset -4 lines).
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau_state.c
Hunk #1 succeeded at 987 (offset -3 lines).
Hunk #2 succeeded at 1161 (offset -3 lines).
patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nv50_vm.c
Hunk #1 FAILED at 85.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nv50_vm.c.rej

patching file drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nvc0_graph.c


--- drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nv50_vm.c
+++ drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nv50_vm.c
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
target = 3;

  • phys = vm_addr(vma, phys, mem->memtype, 0);
  • phys = vm_addr(vma, phys, mem->memtype, target); pte <<= 3; cnt <<= 3;


There is no target in the particular function where the patch application failed.
nv50_vm_map(struct nouveau_vma *vma, struct nouveau_gpuobj *pgt,
struct nouveau_mem *mem, u32 pte, u32 cnt, u64 phys, u64 delta)
u32 comp = (mem->memtype & 0x180) >> 7;
u32 block;
int i;

    phys  = nv50_vm_addr(vma, phys, mem->memtype, 0);
    pte <<= 3;
    cnt <<= 3;

    while (cnt) {
            u32 offset_h = upper_32_bits(phys);
            u32 offset_l = lower_32_bits(phys);

            for (i = 7; i >= 0; i--) {

I am clueless on how to fix this. Am I making any mistakes in following the installation steps ?


Kaibo Wang

That was probably a bug when the patch file was initially generated.

For this moment, do not use the patch file. Use the already patched nouveau source residing in /mod/nouveau-3.3.0. Compile, install, and use it. It should work then.

Kaibo Wang

Of course, make a fresh compilation and installation of linux-3.3 first


I installed linux-3.3 and then the compilation went trough.

I checked that the nouveau module is installed properly

root@WhiteRose:~/gdev/mod/build# lsmod | grep nouv

nouveau 817926 0
ttm 87285 1 nouveau
drm_kms_helper 42297 1 nouveau
drm 252506 3 nouveau,ttm,drm_kms_helper
mxm_wmi 12979 1 nouveau
video 19022 1 nouveau

But during the insertion of gdev module I get the following error

[ 99.984361] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_chan_free (err 0)
[ 99.984384] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_write32 (err 0)
[ 99.984399] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_free (err 0)
[ 99.984414] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_unbind (err 0)
[ 99.984442] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getaddr (err 0)
[ 99.984463] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_bind (err 0)
[ 99.984473] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_read32 (err 0)
[ 99.984492] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_read (err 0)
[ 99.984502] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_map (err 0)
[ 99.984523] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getparam (err 0)
[ 99.984537] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_vspace_alloc (err 0)
[ 99.984549] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getdevice (err 0)
[ 99.984569] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_alloc (err 0)
[ 99.984582] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_vspace_free (err 0)
[ 99.984592] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_write (err 0)
[ 99.984604] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_chan_alloc (err 0)
[ 99.984614] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_unmap (err 0)
[ 99.984624] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getdrm (err 0)


Kaibo Wang

Did you blacklist the nouveau module bundled with linux-3.3? You have to do that and boot into level 3; then load the nouveau bundled with gdev, and compile/load gdev


Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I had not blacklisted the default nouveau. I will try it tomorrow as currently I don't have physical access to the system.



I blacklisted nouveau installed the one with gdev, but when i try test the nouveau installation the kernel crashes. So I tried installing pscnv. Whey i try inserting the gdev module it says undefined symbol error. I checked for those symbols in pscnv they are present.

gdev module insertion error:
[ 620.797965] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 620.798044] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_chan_free (err -16)
[ 650.727455] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 650.727520] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_write32 (err -16)
[ 680.656867] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 680.656930] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_free (err -16)
[ 710.586217] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 710.586296] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_unbind (err -16)
[ 740.515634] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 740.515713] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getaddr (err -16)
[ 770.445054] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 770.445134] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_bind (err -16)
[ 800.367837] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 800.367920] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_read32 (err -16)
[ 830.282291] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 830.282370] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_read (err -16)
[ 860.196742] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 860.196821] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_map (err -16)
[ 890.111197] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 890.111276] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getparam (err -16)
[ 920.025650] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 920.025729] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_vspace_alloc (err -16)
[ 949.940102] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 949.940182] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getdevice (err -16)
[ 979.854554] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 979.854634] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_alloc (err -16)
[ 1004.900058] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 1004.900146] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_vspace_free (err -16)
[ 1004.900210] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 1004.900270] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_write (err -16)
[ 1004.900350] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 1004.900410] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_chan_alloc (err -16)
[ 1004.900473] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 1004.900534] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_bo_unmap (err -16)
[ 1004.900596] gdev: gave up waiting for init of module pscnv.
[ 1004.900657] gdev: Unknown symbol gdev_drv_getdrm (err -16)

But these symbols are defined in pscnv
nm output of pscnv
00000000cc6b2e5d A __crc_gdev_drv_bo_alloc
00000000676608ef A __crc_gdev_drv_bo_bind
00000000fb929922 A __crc_gdev_drv_bo_free
00000000f50c6043 A __crc_gdev_drv_bo_map
000000000c3beff0 A __crc_gdev_drv_bo_unbind
00000000044aca3f A __crc_gdev_drv_bo_unmap
00000000614197a7 A __crc_gdev_drv_chan_alloc
0000000057b95d2b A __crc_gdev_drv_chan_free
000000007e1c8811 A __crc_gdev_drv_getaddr
000000003be2650b A __crc_gdev_drv_getdevice
00000000f8cf21f3 A __crc_gdev_drv_getdrm
00000000fd657892 A __crc_gdev_drv_getparam
0000000002a3f692 A __crc_gdev_drv_read
00000000f2b62404 A __crc_gdev_drv_read32
00000000ade75208 A __crc_gdev_drv_setnotify
000000004c741eff A __crc_gdev_drv_unsetnotify
00000000660e596a A __crc_gdev_drv_vspace_alloc
000000002e479f4b A __crc_gdev_drv_vspace_free
00000000fe0bcba6 A __crc_gdev_drv_write
00000000b21036cf A __crc_gdev_drv_write32
0000000000000150 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_bo_alloc
0000000000000158 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_bo_bind
0000000000000160 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_bo_free
0000000000000168 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_bo_map
0000000000000170 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_bo_unbind
0000000000000178 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_bo_unmap
0000000000000180 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_chan_alloc
0000000000000188 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_chan_free
0000000000000190 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_getaddr
0000000000000198 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_getdevice
00000000000001a0 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_getdrm
00000000000001a8 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_getparam
00000000000001b0 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_read
00000000000001b8 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_read32
00000000000001c0 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_setnotify
00000000000001c8 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_unsetnotify
00000000000001d0 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_vspace_alloc
00000000000001d8 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_vspace_free
00000000000001e0 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_write
00000000000001e8 r __kcrctab_gdev_drv_write32
0000000000000103 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_bo_alloc
00000000000000e1 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_bo_bind
00000000000000f2 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_bo_free
00000000000000be r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_bo_map
00000000000000ce r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_bo_unbind
00000000000000ac r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_bo_unmap
0000000000000128 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_chan_alloc
0000000000000115 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_chan_free
0000000000000028 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_getaddr
000000000000005b r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_getdevice
000000000000004b r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_getdrm
0000000000000039 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_getparam
000000000000007d r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_read
000000000000009c r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_read32
0000000000000015 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_setnotify
0000000000000000 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_unsetnotify
0000000000000151 r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_vspace_alloc
000000000000013c r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_vspace_free
000000000000006e r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_write
000000000000008b r __kstrtab_gdev_drv_write32
0000000000000010 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_bo_alloc
0000000000000020 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_bo_bind
0000000000000030 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_bo_free
0000000000000040 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_bo_map
0000000000000050 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_bo_unbind
0000000000000060 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_bo_unmap
0000000000000070 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_chan_alloc
0000000000000080 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_chan_free
0000000000000090 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_getaddr
00000000000000a0 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_getdevice
00000000000000b0 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_getdrm
00000000000000c0 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_getparam
00000000000000d0 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_read
00000000000000e0 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_read32
00000000000000f0 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_setnotify
0000000000000100 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_unsetnotify
0000000000000110 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_vspace_alloc
0000000000000120 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_vspace_free
0000000000000130 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_write
0000000000000140 r __ksymtab_gdev_drv_write32
0000000000079d10 T gdev_drv_bo_alloc
0000000000079b60 T gdev_drv_bo_bind
0000000000079c50 T gdev_drv_bo_free
0000000000079aa0 T gdev_drv_bo_map
0000000000079b40 T gdev_drv_bo_unbind
0000000000079a70 T gdev_drv_bo_unmap
0000000000079f20 T gdev_drv_chan_alloc
000000000007a2a0 T gdev_drv_chan_free
0000000000079630 T gdev_drv_getaddr
00000000000795d0 T gdev_drv_getdevice
00000000000795f0 T gdev_drv_getdrm
0000000000079720 T gdev_drv_getparam
0000000000079860 T gdev_drv_read
00000000000799c0 T gdev_drv_read32
00000000000796d0 T gdev_drv_setnotify
00000000000796f0 T gdev_drv_unsetnotify
000000000007a230 T gdev_drv_vspace_alloc
000000000007a270 T gdev_drv_vspace_free
00000000000797b0 T gdev_drv_write
0000000000079910 T gdev_drv_write3

Any idea on what to do now ?


Shinpei Kato

System Details
GeForce GT 420
Linux -3.3.0

modprobe nouveau modeset=1 noaccel=0
crashes my kernel
It works without the extra parameters (modprobe nouveau) but in dmesg I find unknown symbol error.


Shinpei Kato

I'm a bit worried about GT 420 as this series is the most tricky architecture in Fermi AFAIK, though it should work with Gdev by now.
You need "modeset=1 noaccel=0" to enable GPU acceleration with Nouveau.
Can you try to install vanilla Nouveau with "modeset=1 noaccel=0" parameters?
If this doesn't cause your system to crash, it means Gdev has some bug to set up GT 420.

Best Regards,

  • Shinpei
Kaibo Wang wkbjerry closed this
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