memcpy program failed in creating cuCtxCreate #22

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Hi.. I have installed the gdev and kcuda in my system. I am using cuda in kernel space with nouveau driver. But when I am executing the test program memcpy it showing null deference error . I debugged it and found that gdev pointer is null inside "gdev_raw_dev_open" function in the file gdev_drv_nvdia.c . i.e &gdev_vds[minor] returned null. any help please??


shinpei0208 commented Mar 29, 2014

What GPU are you using?

Thanks for your quick response. The GPU I am using is NVIDIA GK107 [Quadro 410]....

amritoit commented Apr 3, 2014

Just to update . The dmesg log is pasted here in this link . Just to let you know, I have blacklisted the default kernel and installed cuda-toolkit hence it is using nvrm driver as a default driver in my machine.

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