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🥇 Harness the latest WordPress optimization tech, 💯 SEO-friendly, and 🔰 effortlessly user-friendly!


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⚡️ Experience the speed of a native, lightning-fast lazy loader. ✅ Backward compatibility for legacy browsers (IE9+). 💯 SEO-friendly. 🧩 Lazy-load everything.

This plugin empowers you to optimize various elements, including image tags, videos, audio, iframes, stylesheets, and JavaScript.

Leveraging tips endorsed by seasoned web experts and harnessing the latest web technologies for resource lazy-loading, this plugin ensures your website operates at peak efficiency.

If you find this plugin valuable, please consider leaving a 5-star review (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️).

Good points

  • ⚡️ Native API, blazing fast
  • 👍 Legacy browsers support (IE9+)
  • 🥇 SEO friendly
  • ✅ Very easy to use
  • 💯 No dependencies, no jQuery
  • 🤝 Works well with your favorite frameworks
  • 🧩 Uses IntersectionObserver API for optimized CPU usage
  • 🏞 Supports for responsive images, both srcset and sizes attributes

💡 Tip: To archive better result, you should consider disabling all optimization features (Eg. lazy-loading, HTML minification, JS minification, etc.) by other plugins.

We recommend you use it with another page-caching plugin for best performance.

Browser support

This plugin also works perfectly on popular browsers, including Internet Explorer 9 and later.

  • 🖥 IE9+ / Microsoft EDGE
  • 🖥 Firefox 4+
  • 🖥 Safari 3+
  • 🖥 Chrome
  • 🖥 Opera
  • 📱 Android 4+
  • 📱 iOS 3.2+

Powered by defer.js, defer.php

defer.js 🥇 A super small, super efficient library that helps you lazy load almost everything like images, video, audio, iframes as well as stylesheets, and JavaScript.

defer.php 🚀 A PHP library that focuses on minimizing payload size of HTML document and optimizing processing on the browser when rendering the web page.

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Released under the GNU General Public License v2 license.

Copyright (c) 2019 Mai Nhut Tan <>