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another simple hexo theme. online demo



hexo-theme-adoubi developed with hexo 3.2

plugin dependencies:

  • hexo-renderer-pug
  • hexo-generator-feed

clone theme

git clone themes/adoubi

modify site config

theme: adoubi

replace themes/adoubi/sources/images/favicon.ico with your own preference


cd themes/adoubi
git pull origin master

Display images in article:

if image located at site's source/images :

<img src="/images/your-image.png">

images will be limited to max-width: 100% compared to parent class post-content.

NOTICE: hexo will use site's source preferentially

Upgrade Logs

v0.0.2 May 12 2017:

  • remove big-black-dirty-ugly header and personal logo.
  • make feed icon more hidden.
  • hide post date on list page.


resources usage:

  • Myriad font
  • normalize.css

Keep Theme By Adoubi , Powered By Hexo. in footer and do whatever you want.