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##Description Basic Node JS server template. Runs as unprivileged node user, so it is a little more secure


  • Run by itself or as a parent docker image, exposes volume /var/www as code directory
  • Runs npm install and npm start by default (with authbind), exposes ports 80 and 443

##onbuild tag Build an app and run it out of the box.

  • Base the child image on shiny-docker/node:onbuild
  • Place app code in root of build
    • At a minimum, add package.json for npm install and npm start script
    • Add .dockerignore to keep any desired files from being added to the image
  • Build app and run as normal, e.g. docker build -t dev ./ && docker run -d -p 80:80 dev


  • Run debugger web server listening in background with node-inspector --web-port 8080 > /dev/null 2>&1 &, or run in separate screen (not sure how to suppress output)
  • Start script with debugging enabled, e.g. node debug index.js
  • Go to to see debugger window, run script to start server
  • Replicate the conditions at under which the debugger should break (note: might be unable to set breakpoints in anonymous functions until they have been declared, i.e. when server has started)