A text-based, multiplayer, online adventure game.
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Welcome to ShinyMUD, a text-based Multi-User-Dungeon from the silly folks at
Incendiary Software.

-- Software Requirements --

To run ShinyMUD you'll need:
* Python, version 2.6 or higher
* A Unix-based operating system (Linux, MacOSX)

If you're developing ShinyMUD, you'll also want Nose for running unit tests.
See http://shiny.incendiarysoftware.com/wiki/UnitTesting for more details.

-- Starting ShinyMUD --

* Open a terminal and cd to the shinymud directory (the directory this README file is in).

* If you've never run the MUD before, you can run the set-up wizard by
entering the following command: 
    python src/shinymud/main.py setup
(The setup wizard just runs you through creating an administrative (or God)
character, adding built-in areas, and then starting the game server.)

* If you're just looking to start the game server, just run the following command:
    python src/shinymud/main.py start

ShinyMUD will start running on the default port of 4111. You can change the
port number (as well as lots of other things) in: src/data/config.py

-- Authors and License --

A list of ShinyMUD authors and the License for ShinyMUD can be found in the
AUTHORS file and the LICENSE file, respectively.

Any work that is NOT owned by Incendiary Software is included in the resources directory,
and will have it's own LICENSE file, or the equivalent.