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Example using Firebase authentication with Shiny
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Example using Firebase Authentication with Shiny

WARNING: This is only for demonstration/exploration purposes. It is not secure. Do not use in a production application.

In this Shiny app we use the default Bootstrap css provided with Shiny, and we use Firebase's email/password authentication. Additional information available in the blog post.

Steps to Run this App Locally

  1. download or clone this repository
  2. Create a Firebase account, and in your new account create a project
  3. In your new Firebase project enable the email password authentication provider. This is the screen where you enable authentiation:
  4. Click the "Web Setup" button (top right in above screenshot) and copy your project's "apiKey", "authDomain", and "projectId" into the object defined in line 3 of the file "www/sof-auth.js"
  5. Run the Shiny app
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