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This is the new simplified samples for Shiny


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v3 Samples, you can find them in the main repository

OLD Shiny .NET v2 Samples


  1. Many samples have Shiny projects linked for debugging/testing by the devs, but the samples are defaulted to use nuget packages. If the Shiny projects aren't loading, don't worry - IGNORE THEM. The project will build just fine with nuget. They are linked through submodules if needed for debugging against the shiny source code
  2. DO NOT USE THESE FOR SENDING ISSUES - Why you ask? Because they can often be out of date with a new Android release, a new Xamarin release, a new Xamarin Forms release, etc. There is a lot of features & a lot of samples and at present - ONLY 1 maintainer!
  3. Most nuget versions are managed through which means you cannot not use the nuget manager to update packages. This is due to how we swap between nugets for samples and debugging/testing
  4. These samples are meant as GUIDELINES on how to use the libraries (which means that they don't use every feature and again why we don't want bug reports for them)
  5. They are no guaranteed to be up-to-date with the latest versions of the SDK or Shiny. SDK updates can break builds. AGAIN, samples are samples - use these as guidelines.


Link/Title Description
Beacons Foreground & Background detection of BluetoothLE iBeacons
Beacons - Managed iBeacon ranging on steroids - the managed mechanism manages broadcasting to the main thread, throttles output to keep your UI nice & snappy
Push - ALL Providers (Native, OneSignal, Firebase, & Azure Notification Hubs) Uses purely native push notification API's provided by the OS
NFC Near Field Communication
Jobs How to register jobs at startup or dynamically
Key/Value Storage How Shiny uses a "viewmodel" style object to bind to OS preferences, secure storage, and others
Bluetooth LE - Client The biggest module in all of Shiny BluetoothLE powered by Reactive Extensions
Bluetooth LE - Client Functions This shows other examples of the BLE client library
Bluetooth LE - Client - Managed The BLE Managed functions make it super easy to scan and work with a BLE peripheral
Bluetooth LE - Hosting BLE Hosting
HTTP Transfers Perform upload & download operations while in the background. Even track statistics while in the foreground
GPS Background GPS
Geofencing Geofence in your app with ease! We even handle the automatic transition to different APIs when Google Play Services aren't around
Motion Activity Query your users activity
Local Notifications See how the best-of-breed local notifications for Xamarin module runs
Sensors Reactive sensors
Speech Recognition Local speech recognition


Link/Title Description
Prism + DryIoc + Shiny Prism Integration Example
Better Prism/RXUI Integration via Shiny.Framework Prism + ReactiveUI + Shiny with ease
Shiny Framework All the other toys our framework offers
AppCenter This sample shows how to configure AppCenter logging in Shiny using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging and Shiny.Logging.AppCenter

Boilerplate Stuff

Link/Title Description
No Code Gen AppDelegate, Android App, & Android Activity are all manually hooked for Shiny to fully operate
All Code Gen Everything from your iOS AppDelegate, Android Application & Activity, and the Shiny startup are generated
Standard/Recommended This will wire in your Xamarin Forms app as well as any Android/iOS boilerplate - you are in charge of the startup file

Advanced Customization

Link/Title Description
Custom Dependency Injection This example shows how to configure Shiny to use Autofac
Register Platform Services This example shows how to register a platform specific services with Shiny

Server Side Libraries

Link/Title Description
Push Notification Manager This sample shows how to use the push manager inside of your own API
Localization Server side example of returning localization
Mail Engine Our email templating mechanism is awesome! See it in action here


This is the new simplified samples for Shiny




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