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A Xamarin Framework for Backgrounding & Device Hardware Services
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Shiny for Xamarin & Windows

Formerly the ACR Plugins


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NuGet Packages

Shiny official releases are available on NuGet. For early test builds, you can also use the beta MyGet feed.

To use the beta MyGet feed, add as a package source to Visual Studio


Project NuGet MyGet
Core CoreNugetShield CoreMygetShield
Beacons BeaconsNugetShield BeaconsMygetShield
BluetoothLE BleNugetShield BleMygetShield
Locations LocationsNugetShield LocationsMygetShield
HTTP Transfers HttpNugetShield HttpMygetShield
Sensors SensorsNugetShield SensorsMygetShield
Notifications NotificationsNugetShield NotificationsMygetShield


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