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For debugging my implementation of Theta*
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This website demonstrates how Theta* algorithm of my implementation (might have bugs) behaves.

1. Configure the grid size

The number of columns/rows must be from 1 to 50.

2. Configure individual cells

Click on the cell to configure. The configuration options include:

  • Set as start: The path starts from the cell.

  • Set as end: The cell becomes the destination of the path.

  • Block this cell: Block the cell so that the path cannot pass through it.

  • Weight: Defines how much cost/effort you need to pass through the cell. Must be positive and <= 1000.

3. Start pathfinding

Click on the start button. The path found by the algorithm will be displayed as a white line.

4. Check the metrics

Four metrics are provided:

  • Cumulative cost: G of the last cell.

  • Total distance

  • Number of cells left in the open list

  • Number of cells in the closed list

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