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shipcloud api changelog

Change log

All notable changes to our api will be documented in this file. This way you can easily find out about all changes we made in the past and see if there's anything new you have to consider since you've last visited the api documentation.

This changelog does not follow Semantic Versioning, since we currently do not work with any other release modifiers than major versions.

Notice: Not everything we do affects the viewable parts of our api.

[20180822] - 2018-08-22


  • You can now supply [customs declaration data]({{ site.baseurl }}/examples/#dhl---customs-declaration) when creating a shipment and we will return the corresponding customs forms for the selected carrier.

[20180814] - 2018-08-14


  • More parameters to filter a [list of shipments]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#getting-a-list-of-shipments)
  • API endpoint to query [all pickup requests]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#getting-a-list-of-pickup-requests)
  • API endpoint to query the [details of a single pickup request]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#getting-information-about-a-pickup-request)

[20180619] - 2018-06-19


  • Service [UPS Express 12:00]({{ site.baseurl }}/examples/#ups---express-1200)

[20180201] - 2018-02-01


  • Additional service [UPS adult signature]({{ site.baseurl }}/examples/#ups---adult-signature)

[20180126] - 2018-01-26


  • Additional service [DHL Premium International]({{ site.baseurl }}/examples/#dhl---premium-international)

[20170202] - 2017-02-02


  • As previously stated, we've replaced the deprecated parameter tracking_code with carrier_tracking_no. Tracker objects are using this parameter from now on.

[20170127] - 2017-01-27


  • Introducing the [trackers ressource]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#trackers) to be able to import shipments by sending us carrier tracking numbers of shipments that were created, using another software.

[20170119] - 2017-01-19


  • When [reading a shipment]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#getting-information-about-a-shipment), shipper_notification_email will now be returned (if specified during creation)

[20161021] - 2016-10-21


  • You can now [specify a reference]({{ site.baseurl }}/examples/#dhl---cash-on-delivery) when creating a shipment that gets payed by cash on delivery, in order to see the reference on the bank statement

[20161019] - 2016-10-19


  • We've removed the event type shipcloud_label_created because it was too confusing and users didn't get the difference between this one and label_created.

[20160511] - 2016-05-11


  • You can supply the id of an address now when creating a ShipmentQuote


  • When creating a ShipmentQuote you won't have to supply a from-address anymore. If it's missing we'll use the standard from address that is associated with your account


  • Returning the right error message when standard ship from address is missing a phone number and making a PickupRequest for carrier UPS
  • Package type will now be returned as parameter type withing the object package when creating a shipment
  • When creating a returns shipment we won't return the misleading tip about having to add a default address at your profile page anymore, since you can supply a different address
  • if is null we'll return a error message now
  • if is empty we'll return a error message now

[20160422] - 2016-04-22


  • When making a PickupRequest you can now add a [pickup_address]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#pickup-requests) that tells the carrier where the shipments should be collected

[20160304] - 2016-03-04


  • We're now returning [additional services]({{ site.baseurl }}/examples/#additional-services) when querying information about shipments

[20160119] - 2016-01-19


  • When creating a [pickup request]({{ site.baseurl }}/reference/#pickup-requests) we're now returning an id that identifies the data