nginx docker base image which can use environment variables in nginx config files
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This Docker image is designed to use Docker environmental variables with NGinx configuration files. For more information on why I created this fork, check out the companion blog post on

Using with the Default vhosts.conf file

Default usage with a php-fpm container requires no custom configuration.

  1. Start your PHP container: docker run --name php-fpm-api -v $(pwd):/var/www php:fpm
  2. Start this NGinx container: docker run --link php-fpm-api -e NGINX_HOST=php-fpm-api shiphp/nginx-env

Custom usage

  1. Create a new Dockerfile and add your config files
FROM shiphp/nginx-env

  1. Place nginx site config file in directory ./conf, these will be placed in /etc/nginx/conf.d/
  2. docker build -t mynew/nginx .
  3. docker run -d mynew/nginx

Config files may contain environment variables in the form of $ENV{"environmentvariablename"}. These will be replaced when the container starts.