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A polyfill for Ember.assign in <= 2.4
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ember-assign-polyfill is built and maintained by Ship Shape. Contact us for Ember.js consulting, development, and training for your project.

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This provides a polyfill for the Ember.assign feature added in Ember 2.5.


ember install ember-assign-polyfill


import Ember from 'ember';

var a = { first: 'Robert' };
var b = { last: 'Wagner' };
var c = { company: 'Ship Shape' };

Ember.assign(a, b, c); // a === { first: 'Robert', last: 'Wagner', company: 'Ship Shape' }, b === { last: 'Wagner' }, c === { company: 'Ship Shape' }



After you upgrade your application to Ember 2.5, you should remove ember-assign-polyfill from your package.json.


Addons generally support many different Ember versions, so leaving ember-assign-polyfill in place for consumers of your addon is perfectly normal. When the addon no longer supports Ember versions older than 2.5, we recommend removing ember-assign-polyfill from your package.json and doing a major version bump.

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