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An exploration of packaging tools I did for Indy.js.

Feel free to create an issue or ping me on Twitter if you have any questions.

I started creating how-to docs, but left them woefully incomplete. I'll try to circle back around on these later, or you can submit a PR.


  • Probably the most common tool and easiest to get started with.
  • See package.json for the available commands (just npm run watchify here)
  • See generic-rpg for an example of how to incorporate watchify (browserify would be similar) into a Gulp (Grunt would be similar) toolchain.


  • Also pretty common; most libraries have a check for returning AMD vs. CommonJS format.
  • Doesn't require a command-line to run in development -- all in-browser
    • See index.html, and view source on the page after it loads to see what RequireJS is actually doing
  • Didn't have time to figure out the deployment-side story. Ping one of the ET guys for help there!


  • Most powerful, but a big ugly at times (and the documentation is rough but improving)
  • See webpack.config.js for the configuration options
  • See todo-flux for an example that uses the react-hot-loader I mentioned.


  • Has been around a while, but recently got really interesting
  • Uses its own package manager, but can pull from multiple sources (npm, bower, github, a vendor directory, etc)
  • This video is what inspired me to look into it
  • See jspm-test for an example including React (although I can't get jspm bundle to work on a JSX entry point at the moment).


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