Registry v2 #716

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  • adds controller gluecode for @ehazlett registry-client-api
  • fixes some view fields
  • merges with current master

refs #625

ehazlett and others added some commits Oct 20, 2015
@ehazlett ehazlett start on registry v2 client
Signed-off-by: Evan Hazlett <>
@ehazlett ehazlett finished initial v2 registry lib
Signed-off-by: Evan Hazlett <>
@computerlyrik computerlyrik add glue code for registry v2 a4e1e19
@computerlyrik computerlyrik Merge remote-tracking branch 'shipyard/master' into registry-v2 9a2f90e
@computerlyrik computerlyrik fix manager url to match api v2 91b61b3
@computerlyrik computerlyrik fix registry view with inspect button 2cb6c31
@computerlyrik computerlyrik clear up resource linking 0a623ef
clhlc commented Jan 6, 2016

now ,we can add registry v2?

no i try it ,only support v1 (upgrade my shipyard-controller)


Thanks for the contribution. I'll get it reviewed :)

clhlc commented Jan 12, 2016

I clone registry-v2 branch, and docker-compose up, but not support v2?

it's also .../v1/search...

nfoonf commented Feb 9, 2016

still seems to call only v1-api.

soninob commented Aug 17, 2016

We have a PR submitted for supporting V2, please check #852

soninob commented Oct 9, 2016

I think this one can be close, #852 has been merged.

tombee commented Nov 13, 2016

Think we can close this as per @soninob's comment.

@ehazlett ehazlett closed this Nov 14, 2016
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