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Python Library to convert vector fsts ro special fsts
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This repo provides an easy interface for the Special OpenFst operations through Python.

In addition to using Pywrapfst library that allows interacting with OpenFst, once compiled specializer library allows converting Vector type Fsts to sigma, rho, or phi fst types (as described in the OpenFST documentation).

The library is written in Cython for speedup and direct API of the C++ code of OpenFst. In order to compile it, the following files are required to be present in the directory:

  • ios.pxd
  • memory.pxd
  • basictypes.pxd
  • pywrapfst.pxd
  • pywrapfst.pyx
  • fst.pxd

These files can be found in the src/extensions/python/ directory of the OpenFST source distribution.

Additionally, the following files must be on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH both when you compile this library and also when you attempt to use it:


These files will likely be in /usr/local/lib/fst on Linux or OSX. If they are not present on your installation of OpenFST, you may need to recompile OpenFST with the --enable-special option.

To compile:

Ensure that has the required fields.

Run python build_ext --inplace

To unittest:

Go to unitTest folder and Ensure pywrapfst is installed

Run ./

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