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A solver for Freecell written in Java

Please use the following options:

java [ -d64 -Xmx6g ] -jar fcsolver.jar --gameno <1-1000000> [ --maxnodes <2000-200000> ] [ --winxp ]

-d64 is 64bit;
-Xmx6g is 6G heapsize;
--winxp solves specifically for Windows XP (but also works in Vista, 7);
    ( default is --nowinxp (may not work in XP) )
--maxnodes 2000 is default
    ; 20000 needs -d64 -Xmx4g
    ; 200000 needs -d64 -Xmx14g

For example:

java -jar fcsolver.jar --gameno 4003

java -d64 -Xmx4g -jar fcsolver.jar --gameno 4003 --maxnodes 20000

java -d64 -Xmx14g -jar fcsolver.jar --gameno 4003 --maxnodes 200000 --winxp

Note. This is a straight-forward conversion of my Perl program Freecell-App-0.03 on the CPAN ( ). The Java version runs 70 times faster than the Perl one!

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