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Rock's Source

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My source repositories:

Hosted in here:

  • raspberry_pi/LoRa-gateway: Raspberry Pi 使用 Grove LoRa 無線模組負擔 LoRa Gateway 角色。
  • web/taiwan-119-gps: 台灣 119 求救簡訊 APP 。
  • php/database-query: Database Query Library.
  • php/dbus-extension: DBus extension with ByteArray patch.
  • web/common-gateway: PHP RESTful API front. Let you design RESTful API easy.
  • web/touch-ime HTML5: Touch Input Method Engine. Written by JavaScript.
  • linux/make-package: A single tool to pack your file as Debian package (.deb).
  • linux/config-script: I think GNU autoconf is too complex to use for my job. So I write these simple configuration scripts.
  • raspberry_pi/omxplayer-dbus: I wrap omxplayer in a DBus service.