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#!/usr/bin/env gosh
;;; A simple command-line tool that observes one or more chaton rooms
;;; and prints out the posts.
(use chaton.client)
(use gauche.threads)
(use gauche.parseopt)
(use gauche.experimental.ref)
(use util.match)
(use util.queue)
(use util.list)
(define *connections* '())
(define *mutex* (make-mutex))
(define *cv* (make-condition-variable))
(define *msgq* (make-queue))
(define (main args)
(let-args (cdr args) ([silent "s|silent"]
[else _ (usage)]
. args)
(when (null? args) (usage))
(set-signal-handler! (sys-sigset SIGINT SIGHUP SIGTERM)
(lambda (_) (cleanup 0)))
(chaton-log-open #t)
(guard (e [(<chaton-error> e) (print (~ e'message)) (cleanup 1)])
(dolist [room-url args]
(push! *connections* (chaton-connect room-url "chaton-watcher" observe))))
;; We run a separate thread to print out the messages and let
;; the primordial thread to sleep. It is to allow the primordial
;; thread to catch the signal. If we make the primordial thread to
;; loop, it may fail to catch the signal since pthread_cont_wait is
;; not guaranteed to return when signal is received.
(thread-start! (make-thread
(lambda () (while #t
(for-each print (msg-dequeue!))
(unless silent (write-char #\x07) (flush))))))
(while #t (sys-pause))))
(define (usage)
(print "Usage: chaton-watcher [-s] <room-url> ...")
(print "Options:")
(print " -s, --silent Do not ring bell on new posts.")
(exit 0))
(define (cleanup code)
(dolist [conn *connections*]
(guard (e [else #f]) (chaton-bye conn)))
(exit code))
(define (observe client message)
(guard (e [else (print e) #f])
[(<chaton-error> message)
(msg-enqueue! (format "[~a] CHATON-ERROR: ~a"
(chaton-room-name client) (~ message'message)))]
[(and-let* ([pos (assq-ref message 'pos)])
(< pos (chaton-pos client)))
[(assq-ref message 'content)
=> (lambda (msgs)
(dolist [m msgs]
(match m
[(nick (secs _) text . _)
(msg-enqueue! (format "~a [~a] ~a: ~a" (fmt-time secs)
(chaton-room-name client) nick text))]
[_ #f])))])
(define (msg-enqueue! message)
(with-locking-mutex *mutex*
(lambda ()
(enqueue! *msgq* message)
(condition-variable-broadcast! *cv*))))
(define (msg-dequeue!)
(let loop ()
(mutex-lock! *mutex*)
(cond [(queue-empty? *msgq*) (mutex-unlock! *mutex* *cv*) (loop)]
[else (rlet1 msgs (dequeue-all! *msgq*)
(mutex-unlock! *mutex*))])))
(define (fmt-time secs) (sys-strftime "%H:%M" (sys-localtime secs)))
;; Local variables:
;; mode: scheme
;; end: