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This is a Gauche port of the source code in Conrad Barski's "Land of Lisp".
The purpose is to let Gauche users play with the ideas in this fun book
and extend them.  I used Gauche-specific idioms rather freely, so it
won't run on other Scheme without tweaks.

Conrad told me that he put original code Public Domain.  I follow him,
so all the code here is Public Domain.

guess.scm         (ch2) Let the computer guess the number.

wizards_game.scm  (ch5,6) Simple text adventure.

graph-util.scm    (ch7) Create png graphs (requires external program.
                        make sure you have graphviz installed.)

wumpus.scm        (ch8) Grand Theft Wumpus!

orc-battle.scm    (ch9) Battle against a bunch of monsters.

evolution.scm     (ch10) Simulate evolution.
evolution-color.scm      A bonus---shows gene variation using ANSI terminal

robots.scm        (ch11) Flee from robots.

webserver.scm     (ch13) Simple web server (This isn't based on the book's
                         code.  I'd rather take advantage of Gauche libraries.)

dice_of_doom_v1.scm (ch15) Dice of Doom, version 1.

svg.scm           (ch17) DSL to generate SVG.

wizard_special_action.scm (ch17) Complete the Wizard adventure.

lazy.scm          (ch18) All the features needed for lazy library is already
                         in Gauche.  This file merely shows the correspondence.

dice_of_doom_v2.scm (ch18) Improving Dice of Doom
dice_of_doom_v3.scm (ch19) ditto
dice_of_doom_v4.scm (ch20) ditto